In case everyone forgot I'd like to reinterate that I'm getting married and how WEIRD that is. weird. weird. weird.

don't worry. this blog will NOT turn into a "wedding" blog, but I bet you all are just dying to know what I'm thinking about and what I'm planning - what centerpieces we've decided on and what dresses I'm looking at. OOOOOoooooo - oh so exciting to all of you I know! So, it's going to be hard for me not to talk about the, um, upcoming event of the next FREAKING YEAR, because it is kind of a major happening in my world and the surrounding universe. Although, I'm very sensitive to being one of those "I can't speak two words w/o mentioning it "people. I'm very committed to that not happening - at least here, in this space. I can't really control what actually comes out of my mouth.
Anyways, I need to leave to go to Simone's for Amazing Race. It's our Tuesday date night. Just know that I'm committed to not creating a masthead that has like doves and bells and crap on it any time soon.


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