breakdancing fingers

You think it's easy till you try it yourself . . .


Did I mention that my beautiful, wonderful, fabulous friend Laura is coming in town TODAY to visit for the weekend!

SO freaking excited!!!!


In case everyone forgot I'd like to reinterate that I'm getting married and how WEIRD that is. weird. weird. weird.

don't worry. this blog will NOT turn into a "wedding" blog, but I bet you all are just dying to know what I'm thinking about and what I'm planning - what centerpieces we've decided on and what dresses I'm looking at. OOOOOoooooo - oh so exciting to all of you I know! So, it's going to be hard for me not to talk about the, um, upcoming event of the next FREAKING YEAR, because it is kind of a major happening in my world and the surrounding universe. Although, I'm very sensitive to being one of those "I can't speak two words w/o mentioning it "people. I'm very committed to that not happening - at least here, in this space. I can't really control what actually comes out of my mouth.
Anyways, I need to leave to go to Simone's for Amazing Race. It's our Tuesday date night. Just know that I'm committed to not creating a masthead that has like doves and bells and crap on it any time soon.