What did you do this weekend?

All of you in cold places - you know who you are, should be very excited to have a reason to come down to fla next Feb.

TJ and I headed down to Islamorada this past weekend with his best friend Joe and his girlfriend Rebecca. Joe's dad has a house down there and we brought the boat, so we were pretty much set. The weather was fabulous. We hung out at the sandbar,

fished, dove and ate conch fritters and key lime-tini's.

We also took a classic Keys sunset cruise where I snapped a bunch of pics. . .



Blogger Ben said...

that is so mean!
why do you have to show me those pictures? I thought we were friends!
We better have nice weather like that in April.
Miss you guys!

10:35 PM  
Blogger shannonO said...

that's me - a mean cold-hearted woman.

looking forward to seeing you guys!

11:40 PM  

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