Ghetto Bowl

Mary TJ and I rolled the ball this past week. I was slaughtered mercilessly, as usual, by both of them. I'm acutally really good at sabatoging my own game. For example, bowling all strikes and spares until the 8th frame, then rolling nothing but gutter balls until I manage to just eek over 100. It really takes talent.

Mary Kate Olsen joined us - wait, no, it's the other Mary O

We're so good because of our form and intensive training schedule

TJ looks like he's doing some sort of dance move.

I actually dislocate my shoulder for this move

you didn't see it, but mary acutally just got kicked in the stomach right before I took this.

I had a lot of fun getting my ass kicked.


Blogger Mary O said...

I resent being compared to a anorexic twin...that hurts..

8:17 AM  

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