One of my favorite tees showcased on one of my favorite people...


I know that this is not going to make sense, but...

I TOTALLY lost my entire life and got it all back again today. What, where, why, when, and how you ask? Not going to tell you because I'm the captain of this jolly ship Blog and I therefore don't have to. You'll just have to take my word for it - and know that it was totally THAT dramatic.


PS, the sprinklers @ my place have been on for 11 HRS STRAIGHT NOW.

Well I hope there's lots of merriment going on in each of your homes right now! Sorry if I've seemed a bit distant lately - it's probably because I am. This time of the year, working in the retail sector (in any capacity) sucks the living soul from your head/chest/eyes/spirit, or wherever yours exists right now. I assure you that there is absolutely no merriment going on at the department stores right now. In fact, I'm pretty certain that the nastiest, most non-merry people actually congregate at the malls each day and wait for me to arrive. Also, it's very possible that the world's worst drivers are all at your local mall's parking lots RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Just driving around like they're in bumper cars - you know, this way and that - never actually looking forward.

Anyway, I am very much looking forward to a little christmas cheer and food and ok, presents too. Most of all, looking forward to just a few days off and some time to just hang and turn my head off.

Reminding all of you (that still read my blog?) that I'm wishing you and yours the merriest of Christmas's and Happiest of New Year's.

TOP 100 Wines of '05, for my fellow Wine-o's

via, SF Chronicle.


The End of an Era. . .

This is HUGE for those of us working in/participating in the surf industry in anyway way, shape or form . . .



it's not the GIRL video, but...

Spike Jonze is SO good that he can make shopping at the GAP seem cool.



You know you're losing it. . .

When you start writing yourself notes and in those notes you begin addressing yourself in a demeaning way. i.e.:

To Do:

Take out garbage
Do laundry
Do work emails
Address christmas cards
Go to the gym, fatass