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TO: Harper's Weekly

FROM: D. Trotter

To Shannon O'Donnell:

I'm not exactly sure what your point is, but to clarify,
this is mine: Wilma was not underreported. If someone
didn't know about Wilma it's because they don't know
anything about anything or they didn't care. In either
case, they weren't going to be reading about it in
Harper's Weekly. Furthmore, if Harper's were to make space
for stories about Wilma by sacrificing stories about
exploding whales and idiotic Commanders in Chief, I
wouldn't be reading the Weekly.

Did he just say he would rather read about "whales expolding" than the effects of Hurricane Wilma on fellow Americans - HUMANS for God's sake! Sure the weekly is known for mixing humorous news with serious news, but what asinine person actually writes - for all to see - that he would rather see stories about exploding whales? Sure, we all may feel that way at times, but no one uses that to prove a point! I'm taking this as an "I win"

I'm not even honoring this with a response.


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