And the Seasons turn, turn, turn...

I am so in love with this morning!! It's in the low/mid 80's, sunny and breeeeezy. I think it might actually not be sweltering summer heat all year long after all. For the first time in many, many moons I am actually able to open up my front window, turn off the a/c, turn on the fan and sit comfortably. That's right - no sweat or hot flashes or throat closing up in suffocating heat. I can feel fall just around the corner, and I absolutely can't wait.

In other exciting news, I was treated to fabulous free tickets to Jack Johnson Tues night at Mizner Amp. (i love scott). This might have been the most fun I've ever had at a show before. (scott is the coolest man alive). Aside from wild wine induced dancing with Jess Payne and screaming sing-alongs, the hightlight was certainly the part where, get this, he starts talking about playing the first song he ever learned, which is a Jimmy Buffet song, then he invites Jimmy Buffet from backstage to come out and play it with him, and Jimmy Buffet (who is backstage) comes out and plays it! (scott is my favoritest). Jack and Jimmy - sweet lovin' tropical beachy wish I had a margarita or daquiri in hand and was swaying in a hammock on the beach music! (scott is a wonderful human being) FABULOUS.

We've got tix to Coldplay next week (Tues) and I actually have a single ticket (super good seat) that I need to sell to someone. I paid $87 for it, but will negotiate. If you're interested pls. let me know asap.
I saw Coldplay 2 or 3 years ago at the Univ.of Miami convocation center, and it still holds as one of my favorite all time shows. They are really gripping live. I am very much looking forward to seeing them play again.

I've got a couple of trips lined up starting in just a week now, so that's always something to look forward to. I know that Aaron's birthday is coming up on the 14th, so everyone make sure to give him a ring.


Blogger Ben said...

So is one of your trips to Atlanta?
We'd love to see ya.

11:01 PM  
Blogger Tai said...

Scott is really the coolest person alive!
This morning was beautiful. It made me remember why I love FLA.
hope all is well.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Erika said...

I just may be interested in that Coldplay tik Shannon O.

When are you coming out to play by the way? We need to play! erika

11:29 AM  
Blogger shannonO said...


I am currently demanding a trip to ATL from my significant other, who constantly says conversation ending things like "we'll figure it out". Unfortunately, (is that awful to say) my next trip is to a wedding in October in Boone, NC. I would love to see you 3!


Yeah, after the Jack Johnson ticket hook-up, I think he officially took the "my fav person of the year" award. Things are well - hope we'll get to hang again soon!


If you want the ticket, let me know - it's yours. give me a ring. You can get my # (if you don't have it)from D. I don't really want to post it.
I want to come out and play, I want to come out and play!! Let me know when your going out and where to meet ya!

1:18 PM  

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