things uttered by me in the past week confirming that I am a lame, old lady in a 25-year-old's disguise

After hearing that a group of people stayed out partying till 2 am,

"Oh my God! That's just, that's just ridiculous!" - - as if staying out till 2 am was synonymous with trying to summon spirits from the dead.

"No, nothing much going on - OH! I did get a new rolling island w/ a butcher block top for my kitchen! I'm SO excited!!" - - as if getting a new rolling island w/ a butcher block top is either exciting OR something that someone would want to hear about.

"The only movie time is 10pm? Well, that's out!" - - missing my 10:30 bedtime is not an option.


Blogger Ben said...

I know somebody else that makes statements like those.

11:18 PM  
Blogger VA said...

yeah yeah, you better watch it Benny Boy.. Shannon, there is nothing wrong with thinking 2am is late.. IT IS! :)
I can have a great time and still be in bed by 11, who says you have to loose beauty sleep to have fun?
miss you - gin

6:11 PM  

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