1, 2, 3, SAKE-bomb !!!!!!!!!!

I'm not a huge vodka drinker, but this vodka/saki blend is absolutely fantastic. Add a little cranberry juice and it almost tastes like jello.

You're SOOO 80's

Interesting commentary on the "Nostalgia Industry". It'll make you think twice before watching "I love the 80's" or any other vh1 programming ever again. Speaking of, didn't they used to play music or something? how's that for nostalgia?


Got adventure? Will travel.

This weekend Simone and I hit the road visiting Jacksonville, Saint Augustine and Orlando. We stayed with an old highschool friend of mine, but the real reason we were there was that, get this, we tried out for Amazing Race. I know, I know, seems a bit ridiculous; but, Simone and I both are a bit addicted to the show. We alway say that we'd love to do it ourselves, so when the opportunity to try came up, we thought "why not". Can't get something you want if you don't try. We don't find out anything more about how we did until sometime in September, so please, no autographs yet.

We then stopped in Saint Augustine for the day and had a fabulous time - even though it was so humid I'm suprised that we didn't melt into the sidewalk.

We walked the narrow streets, browsed the botiques, visited the fort, and I topped it off with an ice cold kronenbourg from a little pub that imports international beers and ales.

I love this old town. I'm so romanced by it's quaint charm.

I would love to live in that area some day. Then it was off to Orlando.

We spent the evening and following day with some of Simone's relatives. We were greated that night with cocktails and a homemade meal - best 4* accomodations we could have hoped for. Wendy works for disney, so the next day we set out for epcot armed with employee discounts up the wazoo. I haven't been to this park since I was around 9, so it was nice to see something different. We spent the majority of our time at the different countries and ended up having lunch in Japan topped off with dessert in France.

It was great to get away - and with one of my favorite traveling companions none the less. TJ and I were supposed to go to the keys this coming weekend, but it looks like the 5th named storm brewing out in the atlantic is probably going to put an end to that. I'm just itching to be anywhere but in town right now.


Most of you realize that I generally don't bring my feelings about politics/the war/etc. into this blog. This blog is purely for the this's and that's of day to day living. I don't feel like getting into overblown, heated arguments with "anonymous" commentors - not like that ever happens on anyone's blog.

So, therefore, all I will say about the events that occurred in London today, is that my heart breaks for those that were innocently and flagrantly used as means to ends. That their lives were thought of as nothing more than a tool to get a point accross. There are moments when I'm scared to death to think of the world I will bring my children into. With all the good, there is so much bad. These days it seems to loom all around.

My thoughts are with all who were affected directly and indirectly by today's tragedy.