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So this past weekend, I had the pleasure of participating in Deb and Aaron's wedding. ( 1. 2. ) It was kind of a surreal experience. As Jon, my walking partner (3) , and I discussed on our way in and out of the ceremony, our little buddy had just gotten married. TJ and i have been to A LOT of weddings in this past year, but this was really the first one of a very close friend of mine. Whole different ball game. Much more meaningful - touching. (4, 5 ,6, 7)

The wedding was at Sundy House in Delray. Gorgeous setting, for those of you who have yet to go there - especially for the Hawaiianesque ceremony. The reception was a blast for the simple fact that I was surrounded by a whole slew of my favorite people (8). I only snapped a few shots - which I really regret now. I was too busy chatting it up and sipping down jolly rancher martinis with Denise. (9,10,11)

The entire wedding was really lovely and I wish nothing but the best for the 2 of them. It's really incredible to see two people that are so well matched finally find each other.


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