handy dandy

So my dad and I (kind of) built a wardrobe closet in my back room over the past week or so. The majority of the work was done in one LONG freaking day that started an hour earlier in the morning than I had planned, because my dad's watch was set to the wrong time.

My dad's been a carpenter for like 35 years now and, in my family, we've become accustomed to just ordering up projects and having them shortly thereafter perfectly completed. It's really amazing how much i take for granted when it comes to this - i mean, if my dad wasn't able to do what he does, I really wouldn't have my house or a variety of other things i've come to depend on.

so, voila - I present my new closet!: (as I get older, the things that excite me become less and less scandalous)
step1 step 2 step 3 step 4 step 5 step 6


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