california knows how to party

Sadly, the pic above is the ONLY one that I came back from california with. It's of my home away from home once a year, the Waterfront Hilton, in Huntington Beach. I took this on a walk and my camera's batteries promptly died right after. Really a shame because it was a Gorgeous day and our hotel is right on the beach just a few footsteps away from the pier.

I was out for our sales meeting, which is always a good time as sales meetings go. We basically spend a ridiculous amount of time and engery eating and drinking and eating and drinking, oh and have some more food - and better get another drink to wash it down. By the second day of the meeting, everyone looks like they have alcohol poisoning and we're all sluggish from the extra ten pounds of food weighing our stomachs down. I actually made it a point to go to bed early and not equally participate in quite all of the excesses available for the taking. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty lovely while most of my department was face down on the table in the morning. That's right everyone - I'm a dork and a lame one at that. A lame dork. That's ok, I'm prepared to handle that designation.

Anyway, aside from my lameness in not overindulging with everyone else, I still managed to have a good time and was even more excited to be heading home. I'm looking forward to getting together with a lot of you.

Hey, btw, who else is going to OTR?


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