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So lately I've really been into chill, relaxing, sometimes electronic, sometimes non-vocal music. I'm really enjoying The Weekend Players, Pursuit of Happiness, The Roots of Orchis , Zero 7 and Handsome Boy Modeling School.

I saw a review of Weekend Players calling it "dreamy electo brit-pop" which I 1/2 agree with. If you like any combination of Frou Frou, anything but the girl, and sade (@times), you'll probably dig their vibe. They have a bit of a low-key clubby feel on sometracks and a drift asleep on the beach feel on others - and I like 'em.

I recently saw Roots of Orchis as an opening band to the Album Leaf. I have to say, I really thought they took the cake. I'm a big fan of buying cd's at shows, as if it washes away all the sins of illegal downloads, and I picked up their most recent double cd, Crooked Ceilings and I LUV it. I'll burn a copy if any of you want it.

I started listening to Zero 7 after hearing them on the Garden State sndtrk. I completely dig their hypnotic and inventive mixes. They also have done several collaborations including a great remix of "Climbing up the Walls" by radiohead.

Handsome Boy Modeling School "White People" has been making me smile for the past 2 weeks now. It definitely fills in my hip-hop void of my record collection for right now.

In the book world, I just finished reading Broken Music: A memoir by Sting. Actually, I read pretty much the entire book over my vacay in France. I was really pleasantly suprised by how much I enjoyed this book. He's a fantastic writer and kept my attention from cover to cover.

I'm currently reading Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind. I am trying SO hard to like this book, but the truth of it is that I don't. I read nothing but good things about it (I've been searching reviews looking for affirmations of my dislike), but I still can't muster up the strength to like it. The main character is completely unbelieveable and impossible to identify with. I can't even find a strong emotion towards him. Anyway, not a keeper.

So that's that. Hopefully will be going to OtR again - can't wait actually and will unfortunately be missing Snow Patrol again. We'll be heading to the Jazz Brunch in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday if anyone's interested.


So the lovely ladies (missy simone mary o & myself) came over on Friday night for a little easter egg coloring party. This was possibly the most fun I have ever had coloring eggs. May I proudly introduce our creations (imagine evil cackling here...):

scary bunny egg via mary o

bling bling egg via mary o

easter chikins via miss missy

guido sarducci & t magee via simone & me

summer lovin

I now have a family of chicklets living in my refrigerator. We had so much fun. I hope you all had a wonderful easter with your families and friends. I know we did.


Show time

So, who's going to the album leaf on Wed? Driving buddies - anyone?


Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

SOoooo, I just realized that i missed my very own 1 year blog birthday! Can you believe it ?- I never miss birthdays - in fact I do my best to make sure that they stretch out as long as possible. So here's to a year and a month and like 2 days. Someone should buy me something. Like a pint. Or a cupcake.


Le Burrr!

So, I will try to post this again.

I'm sure everyone's been wondering when the heck we would blog about the trip, but this week's been crazy. So, better late than never....

We arrived in beautiful Lyon, France on a Friday, checked into our quaint (but very friendly and clean) hotel and started strolling around the main downtown area of the city. It's a shopping district with large plazas and wide streets lined with hot homemade crepe stands, cafe's and bars. Lyon is very upscale and the shopping area is stacked full of couture shops and the antiques and home decore sections are pricey to say the least. It was cold and clear, there was a man playing a sad French ballad on an accordian in the street and there were people scurrying in and out of the cold.

The next day we took a 3 hour bus trip to Bourg St. Maurice, then another the remaining 1/2 hour up the mountain to the Les Arcs resort. Les Arcs was the ski area used in the Albertiville Winter Olympics, and therefore is very well endowed with shops, restaurants and bars. We stayed in a little apartment with an amazing view. It was absolutely frigid and we had snow almost every night and tons of snow on the mountain. Oh those beautiful Alps! How I missed those mountaintops. It is just breathtaking. It was TJ's first time snowboarding and it took him all of a day to catch on. We had a wonderful 6 days riding and exploring.

We returned to Lyon on a Friday for another 2 days and 2 nights. It snowed heavily the entire bus ride back and Lyon had gotten a healthy helping of snow while we were gone. We spent the first day drifting around a large part of the city. The second day we took a tour of Vieux Lyon (old Lyon) which has churches built in the 11th century and roman ruins dating back to 43 BC. Long, tight, winding cobblestone roads and little secret passageways - it was absolutely amazing.

We drank good (and cheap) wine, had Kronenbourg on tap everywhere, ate tons of cheese and baguettes and lots and lots of cafe au lait. It's a bit bittersweet to come back. i mean Pompano is quite lovely in comparison to fabulous europe! We did miss all of you though, and we've had fun catching up with a bunch of you this past week.

You can see an abbreviated version of our trip here. You can click on the picture of the album name or start a slideshow.

Blogger's freaking killing me right now. I've tried to post about our France trip a couple of times and each time it times out and I lose everything I've done!!!! Argh!