stellar show . . .

So I've been listening to Wilco for a while now, but I have an entirely new respect for them after last night. I was extremely impressed with the show - being in the freaking second row didn't hurt either - but that wasn't what drew me in. Apparently jeff, the lead singer, had a cold - I would have never known. Everything was on - including his voice. The whole band just had such a nice ambiance about them - alot of emotion in their lyrics and in the quality of their live perfomance.

Anyway, i also heard that snow patrol will be attempting a show down here again a bit later in the spring . CANNOT.WAIT.


Happy 25th Honey!

This pic just about sums it all up . . .I'm gonna get it for this one.


And now for a sleu of kareoke hilarity:

And to finish it off, I CAN't EVEN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND.

I had so much fun with you all. Happy Day to you, TJ!


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HOpe to seE You All @ TJ's HipHOPandYaDOn'tStop BirthdAY PArtY tonIGHt!

L&E 9:00


The Countdown is ON!!!!!!

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OMG! We leave in 14, yes that's FOURTEEN DAYS! For those of you that don't know that's 2 weeks, and I'll be in the lovely snow pictured above. I will definitely miss you all while I'm charging down the French alps, drinking good French wine, eating scrumtrulecent French bread and cheese, etc etc etc. I am SO excited!!!!


guilty pleasure . . .

Oh Little Round Yellow thing that eats dot things, what is this hold you have over me? It is late;I am tired;I must work early tomorrow. Yet, I am up - with you! Oh pac-man, release me from your death grip!