And you're all invited. Ok, here's the deal...
My house (call me or tj for directions if you don't already know how to get here)
Sat. Dec 18th - anytime after 8:00pm
as per scott's suggestion - I'm asking everyone to bring an ornament - here's my twist - I'd like the ornament to be one (if possible) that will remind me of you or your family. That way, for years to come, when I decorate my tree, I'll have little pieces of my friends to warm up my house.

Also, if you don't mind, bring something small to drink or eat to share with everyone. I'll have drinks and some food also.

Invite anyone that you think should be there.

Hope to see you all there!!!!


I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

Know what this is? This is the trip of a lifetime - and here it is - confirmed on paper. woohoo!


The wisdom of 8-year-olds can't be denied

frustration = mad = potato


Revelation of the Weekend:

100% Deet is my new best friend.


"The darkened sky cradles the horizon
Like an old quilt with tiny holes
Where the light of the stars
Were able to leak into the night
My smoke filled eyes refocus
Upon the burning logs just yonder
Of my hanging marshmallows
I readjust the blanket wrapped
Around my chilled shoulders from the
Nippy breeze that teases in the late hours of night
I climb into the tent
Cuddle into my sleeping bag while
The sounds of nature
Overthrow my thoughts"


ask me what I think about the impact zone.



Happy 2-year Date-a-versary!


I must say my boyfriend is my hero today. Not only did he fix the window in my bedroom, but he managed to get me basic cable (bye bye bunny ears!) , in addition to the cable modem I already pay for, while somehow lowering my entire bill. TODAY, tj, you are a genius.

There is nothing more annoying to me (at least for today) than people who put the wrong type of recyclables into the incorrect containers. It's NOT rocket science people! One container says newspapers only, the other is for plastics. Get it right!


I am so sick of the V-O-T-E word. I know it's important, and yes, I did vote, but the voting coverage is now officially worse than all of the hurricane coverage. Besides that, people are just going out of their minds. They've given everyone in the country something to constantly argue with each other about. Argue - complain - argue - complain. And now every other person thinks that they are professional political analysts. Everyone knows what's best for everybody else and what needs to be done. Somehow in the past I've missed that our country is full of geniuses. THANK GOD that elections are every 4 years and not every year. I find nothing exciting or fulfilling about being forced to chose between two morons.