TJ and I finally watched "Saved!" last night, and I know that all of you saw it 'like years ago', but we're a bit slower on the movie watching caravan. (as the blockbuster guy said to tj "you've only used this card 3 times the entire time you've had it"). Anyways, as a girl who was raised in the evangelical christian church and was also "born-again at the age of 3 and then recommitted at 5" and went to liberty university, it was amazingly easy for me to relate to this movie (maybe like some of my guy friend's experiences with Blankets).

There was definitely overkill on the part of Hillary Faye, but I did experience a group pretty, popular girls who tried to be everyone's mentors in college. They didn't have a name for themselves, but same basic concept. I've been through the "girl at youth group (for example) is pregnant" saga (although it wasn't to save her gay boyfriend). I've seen the "campus pastor's son is found to be gay" saga and how these people are quickly shuffled off out of sight. I've seen the "pastor is being asked to leave because he cheated on his wife" saga (although it was in retrospect). It is so easy to pick out each and every detail that made church an almost horrifying cult that is an embarrassment and an easy target for the butt of the world's jokes. It's so easy to be able to say "See YOU guys are wrong, and that's NOT the right way, and look who's NOT perfect now".

But at the same time, I began to think of how I also need to be a bit more balanced about it all. There are a lot of wonderful people that are involved in that machine - many of our parents for example that are not hideous beasts that are waiting on tip toe for us to crash and burn to they can ostracize us from their community. There are a lot of good experiences that have come from years at youth group that I actually wouldn't trade. There were a lot of good values that were instilled and a lot of good intentions too. Of course, there's a lot of insincerity, hate and greed also. But isn't that just the way the world is?

Maybe if the church didn't try to set itself "above and beyond" sooo much, it wouldn't be so sensational when they have the same troubles that the rest of the world does. Maybe if they could just admit that they are just normal people, no better than any other - that their cause is no more justified and pure - people wouldn't be so devasted and hurt when the walls crash in a little. We are in this world and of this world - god is the one that's not of this world. We can strive to be like him, but we are still no better than joe schmoe and our organizations aren't any more sinless. Anyway, as a child raised in the exact center of this movie, I definitely think it was a dead on, well-done satire. Those that were so offended by it (and I read some steaming critiques about it, holy crap) need to open their eyes and start to ask why people "outside of the box" view christianity that way, instead of just condemning it as a piece of secular trash and jumping back into their protective bubble.


Blogger Mary O said...

Did i fail to mention that most of the Saved! production staff is homosexuals or homosexual advocates?

9:37 PM  
Blogger shannonO said...

You are like looking into the face of God and having him look back at you and say "you are my most wonderous creation."

10:36 AM  

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