Holy Freakin' Fabulous!!

We talked about this last night before the show and I feel even stronger about it now that it's over. There are not a lot of show's worth 50 bucks, but there are a few - and that was definitely one of them. Imagine Mike D, MCA and Adrock about 12 feet infront of you and welcome to the show I went to last night. The coolest part was that I didn't walk away going 'that was good, but I wish I had seen them 6 years ago when they were at the top of their game'. They seriously haven't missed a beat (ok, a cue here and there and some of Paul Revere, but there are a lot of words in that song anyway). The best part by far was the Paul's Boutique set. I just kept standing there thinking that I couldn't believe that this was happening right infront of me. Great company, perfect "seats", scrumtrulecent music - couldn't have asked for much more on a monday night.


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