My power was out, but I'm still up

So, 4 movies, 15 cookies or so, and hours of pointless news later, I'm finally back at my house with electricity. I weathered good friend Frances at my parents house in Boca, where I took the above picture. Mary and I finally got out of the house Sunday and tried to take a walk to "document destruction" (duhn, duhn, duhn), but were thwarted by yet more rain. I ended up only getting 2 pictures.

My parent's neighborhood was pretty thrashed. Huge trees down everywhere, fences and screen enclosures trashed. A lot of people had pretty bad roof damage, but that's really about it. I lost power at my place, and some food along with it. The worst thing, actually, was that my warped, piece of crap front and back doors (thanks condo association for assessing that they did not need to be replaced) took on so much water that they swelled shut. I literally could not get my door open. There's nothing quite like standing infront of your own house, with the doors unlocked, and still not being able to get inside.

Anyway, things could have definitely been worse - I think we all can say that. So, now Ivan . . .


Blogger Tim said...

I'm not lame, at least not yet! Some people work for living or work to live. I'm comming down in dec. Is that o.k. with you? GOSHH!! GO EAT SOME HAM!

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