So I just got back from a mini vacay with my partner in crime simone. We spent 4 lovely days in Chicago, where the skies were blue and the temps generally did not get up above the low to mid 70's.

The first day, we went to the Field Museum of Natural History (which is where sue lives). We both met these hot tahitian guys and made out with them (1,2) - sorry tj!. Simone's trying to get her guy to move down here - something about a sex slave. That night we met up with some friends and hit the Lincoln Park area. We went to this cool irish pub called the mystic celt for dinner - where I got a margatini - the antithesis of irish pub drinks.

The next day mone took me to Gino's East (here and here) - which is a famous home of original Chicago style deep dish pizza (which i think is still sitting in my stomach with no plans of going anywhere anytime soon). Then we cruised through an art fair downtown and just went building watching. That's where I snapped my fav pic of the trip, here. The sunlight was peeking through the surrounding buildings as to hit the cross just so right then. It was really striking.

I spent Saturday with tj's sister in law, Sherri, which was great. We shopped the art/architecture district before heading to the newly opened Millenium Park (which if you didn't notice from the name, opened a bit later than scheduled). We headed back to her house afterword to hang with the neighbors and their kids, who I haven't seen in awhile - then to dinner.

All in all, super fun trip. Thanks again mone.


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