Not the worst way I've spent a weekend.


    Saw Napoleon Dynamite last night * , and it was flippin' * ! So don't be a * and go see it, so when people ask you if you've seen the best movie ever you can say * .



    So on a whim this weekend, tj and I picked a steamy hot day and headed south for the keys. We caught a bunch of that smoke coming from the everglades (which is on fire if you haven't caught the excessive news on it lately), and that was a pretty fantastic sight. Just clouds of smoke miles into the air. Anyway, the idea was to find a place to stay - inexpensively - and then rent a boat the next day to do some spearfishing and snorkeling. We were nearly busted on finding a hotel (there was no room in the inns) when we stumbled accross the kon-tiki resort in Islamorada. That was just a little slice of heaven. It was situated right on the water on the west side, had these quaint (and very clean) little cottage style rooms, hammocks between palms to lounge in, and this rad salt water fish grotto with tons and tons of fish. TJ and I just hung out and relaxed. It was perfect.

    The next day we got a hold of a 22' center console and headed out to sea. May I remind all of my fellow Floridian friends that we live right next to some of the most beautiful water and reefs in the world. I know that I don't take advantage of it enough. The first reef we stopped and snorkeled was amazing. Just crystal clear aqua water and gobs of funky colorful fish. It was finding nemo 3D. We stopped at 2 other spots before we had to turn the boat in and get home for a wedding shower we were going to.

    All and all, lovely and fantastic. Many more trips (planned) to come.


    I'm in a Glass Box of Emotion...

    Ok, I saw The Anchorman tonight. Too friggin' hilarious. I have to say that I was really pleasantly suprised, as I laughed my butt off, at how funny it actually was. They couldn't have had more cameos from more stupid funny people if they tried.

    So if you're in the mood for say the absolute antithesis of Farenheit 9/11 spend 20 bucks and go check it out.