rebel road warriors

So, we're finally back! Yes, tj and I set out to conquer the South and it was putty in our palms. It was great - in what other part of our fine country can you find things like roosters made out of car parts? I dare you to find one. Within the confines of a week, we traversed Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Southern Illinois, Missouri, and Georgia, and ate more biscuits, potatoes and homemade pie than we could stand!

We started with a jog up to Orlando to see a good friend of mine, then onto Memphis, TN to visit my grandma,who I haven't gotten to see in a few years, and worship to Elvis statues. I took TJ downtown, as he had never been there, and we started at the original and stately Peabody hotel downtown (you know the one where the ducks swim in the fountain. We had lunch there and walked down to Bealle St., where jazz and blues greats alike got their starts. Several of them (like BB King) own clubs and bars there now and it's still the swingingest place to be in Memphis.

After the stay in Memphis, we headed accross the great Mississippi to southern Ill. to visit TJ's extended family. We stayed at his grandma's house, which I must say is the quintessential grandma's house, and had just a lovely time. We played darts at the local bar Chevies, we went tubing at Crab Orchard Lake, we drank Stag Beer... There's nothing better.

Glad to be back home. Miss seeing everyone. About 10lbs. fatter from excessive Cherry Delight pie. Oh, and from approx. 24 collective hours of highway driving experience, not to mention several more of in-town trips, I highly recommend books on cd. We finished 2 of them.

I dropped it like it was hott

Hey, thanks to everyone that came out to my little shindig for my birthday! You guys are the best and really made it a rad night for me!! I should have more pix to come, but tj took most of them on his camera. I do have this one shot of all of these hott ladies. Let me just say, there are some lucky men in the audience!

technically i'm experiencing difficulties...

So I'd love to blog my trip with TJ and all of the great pix we took and many other things for that matter, but I am having all sorts of problems. I can't seem to access photobucket anymore (something with my browser setting I think) and I still can't seem to get my comments going.
s t r u g g l i n g.


peach of a day

So, shall I go through the list of things making me happy today? To start the day off right (fellow homeowners will appreciate this), escrow and the people responsible with setting it up correctly are bufalay. 1/2 hr. phone call (5th one)right there. Then I tried to hook up the new mouse (little mini wireless one) that TJ got me, but it was broken, finally received the shelves and lamp I ordered from IKEA - all the shelves have damamged corners and the powercord to the lamp doesn't work - not to mention that I accidentally put 2 holes in the paper shade. I also, for some ridiculous reason, cannot get onto the image hosting website that i use to post pictures on my blog. Something with my browser settings...I don't know. complain complain complain. Happy return home from vacation.


"People don't want a President to think that every important decision has a stamp of God's approval and that God is always on his side," says ethicist Cromartie. "I think people want their Presidents to be pious but not self-righteously so. So there's a paradox, isn't there? A President has to seem to be relying on God's wisdom but not acting like all his decisions are God's decisions." It's the difference between praying that you're right and believing that prayer makes you right...



I must be so cool. Not only did I finally achieve a spot on Daniel's blogroll, but this hot rock star that I know that was in this band that I used to go see all the time just put me on his blogroll too (check it at innocencetakestime). this is the best day of my life. (until my birthday on sunday).


It's on...

This is a two-fold announcement:

1. I have re-entered the communicating realm. That's right I now have a working phone and a computer/internet again. So, now you guys have no excuses not to be in touch!

2. The b-day shindig has been officially rescheduled from Fri. night to Sat. night a mi casa. If you read this, you have an invitation. Call me or TJ or info/directions etc.

Stoked to see you guys soon.


So, I'm still of the communicating disabled world. I have yet to receive my new phone and I'm relying on the use of tj's computer, as mine (which is a work computer,) is being exchanged out for a new updated one. -yay! on that by the way- I wish the real world worked like that. A piece of equipment you use becomes outdated and "voila", a new updated one arrives at your doorstep. Of course, the downside to that is the fact that I don't actually own my own computer, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.

So this week has been back to the grind as usual. I did go with my sister to see Jason Mraz at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts (which, if you can't imagine already, is an amazing venue for anyone with a decent set of pipes). Before you all make fun of me, I will say that is was well worth it. This guy's got an incredible voice, a really unique style, and a lot of really thought provoking lyrics. If you can get past the radio cuts, his live stuff is worth seeing. Saying that, I will never see him in a venue like that again - good acoustics or not. I was not prepared for the teeming crowds of screaming 15 yr.olds. I would recommend that anyone check him out in a smaller club/bar like setting where the crowd is 18+ only.

Most impressive was the group of muscians that he brought with him. One in particular, Raul Midon, was this man who was blinded at birth that can play acoustic guitar like no one I have every seen before. He had this way of keeping a whole percussion beat going while he played that blew me away.

The whole show was such an oxymoron. You have this very sophisticated group of musicians playing really amazing music to the most teeny bopperish crowd I have ever been a part of. I just kind of looked around and thought, how can this happen? It was like NSYNC fans showing up at a Jeff Buckley concert because they thought that "Last Goodbye" was sweet when they saw Vanilla Sky because Tom Cruise is hot. Anyways, interesting to say the least. Check out the live stuff if you happen to come accross it. Worth a listen