So, not to overrun everyone with comments on the Calvin / Keith show at the good ol' Red Lion last night, but it was pretty cool. First, it was just nice being back there with good company and good music. Second, when is hanging with Calvin a bad night for anyone? And then there's the third - the infamous individual of the evening. I think we all know who I'm talking about here. I've read a bunch of everyone's commentary on this particular individual's way of carrying themself last night, and to say the least, it was not showworthy behavior. But, really guys, did she seem like the type that frequents shows like that? The type that might have an iota of respect or even experience for local artists and "the scene" for lack of a better term. So, on that note, as much as I was annoyed too, and as much as I would have liked to say things like - you think anyone would know better - she really probably didn't. I got the feeling that she probably didn't know about a lot of things. Anyways, cheers Calvin - it's sad to see the cpm thing coming to a final winddown, but good to know that we can still enjoy him and his music on occasion. Finally, I just have to say this, I do believe that I heard someone drop "bufalay" like it was hott last night - - - a certain someone would be so proud. The movement is spreading.
ps - my pictures sucked - not blog worthy.


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