Over the Rhine

I'm not sure that I even know where to start with how fantastic last night's show was. Was is something to do with the fact that they might as well have been in my living room, we were so close? Was it being in an intimate enough setting where karin and linford (or as she pronounced it with her strong midwest accent - "lenfurd") could carry on little conversations with people in the audience. Was it the fact that we were so close that I could hear Linford softly tap his foot on stage to keep time while playing guitar. It was the crowd (better yet, lack thereof), the ambiance of the old 1920's silent movie theatre, the words spoken and lyrics felt in the air, the worn instruments, and oh that voice... They seemed to have such a neat connection on stage, in addition. A mutual admiration and respect for one another's talents. It was so fun to be able to see the little inside smiles and glances they would shoot each other during and in between songs. And wow, who would have thought that her voice was even more moving and beautiful live. It blew me away with the first note. That hole experience was just surreal. Thanks for going with me guys - definitely not an experience that I will forget anytime soon!


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