I'm in SEA-TAC

(Tim tells me that's what the locals call it). So here I am in beautiful Seattle. I am so in love with this city already. This has got to be the most gorgeous piece of earth I've ever laid my eyes on. I was down in Huntington Beach, CA till yesterday, then hopped up here to spend a couple of days with tim and rob. Last night Tim and I went to this super hipster sea-tac bar/restaurant called bleu. Think a cross between a fort that you would have built as a kid and the biggest fire hazard this city has ever seen. They specialize in their drink department - the menu is like 25 pages long. So I got this drink that looked like a science experiement and tim got something called a black velvet -think guiness better than you could ever imagine having it. (scott you're gonna want this recipe when i get back). Anyway, this place was super cool. Today (which was once again gorgeous) we did the downtown thing, and then jumped on a ferry and went to Brainbridge Island. We found this little pasta place that makes everything from scratch, and had an awesome lunch. We're heading out to BC tomorrow to snowboard for 2 days, then it's back here for a bit more. I can see how easy it would be to come here and never leave - it's pretty much everything i thought it would be and more.


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