flippin' flutag

Not this past weekend, but the one before we loaded up the car and headed down to mia to go to the Redbull flutag. The basic concept is that teams try to create homemade flying machines which are then launched off of a 30ft. high platform over the water. The one that flies/glides/flips/falls, what have you, the farthest, wins. I was under the impression that people really tried to create machines that would fly, but it seemed like there were more theme machines (Homer Simpson operated by life-sized Duff beer cans for instance) than acutal aerospace science projects out there. It was pretty amusing at first - watching dolphins try to fly, a derby hat, Homer and more, but quickly the excitement ran thin. The weather was hot and beautiful though, and I think we had a good time sweating together. Anyway, I only took a few pix - here and here. Goodtimes.


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