Word to the wise

Whatever you do - no matter how tempting it may seem - do not, and I repeat, do not lose your cell phone; especially when you don't have a land line and it is your only means of verbal communication. We believe that we can live without cell phones, but it is just a lie, so be aware.
That's right - for the time being email is my only means of communication until I get the cell phone thing resolved, so email away! Hopefully I'll be talking with you all again sometime soon.


Ahoy mates

Well - this past week has been an incredible ride. I've officially been living like a rock star. Quiksilver came to town in a big way and blew up the South Beach scene. I got to drive around on the Quamav, eat at the best restaurants (try a champagne mojito if you ever get the chance by the way), stay at the nicest hotels, party south beach style (1, 2) and (my favorite thing out of it all) take a sushi dinner cruise on the Indies Trader - quiksilver's famous crossing boat. This boat has travelled nine seas carrying the world's best surfers and here I was just hanging out like it was my everyday thing. We were jumping off of the roof, which was full on 20 or 30 feet up and the sushi boat was big enough to take a cruise on itself. Check out the little plane that did a drive by...There aren't words to tell how stoked I was on the whole deal.(1, 2, 3).

I've got rad friends. Thx Ben.


So, not to overrun everyone with comments on the Calvin / Keith show at the good ol' Red Lion last night, but it was pretty cool. First, it was just nice being back there with good company and good music. Second, when is hanging with Calvin a bad night for anyone? And then there's the third - the infamous individual of the evening. I think we all know who I'm talking about here. I've read a bunch of everyone's commentary on this particular individual's way of carrying themself last night, and to say the least, it was not showworthy behavior. But, really guys, did she seem like the type that frequents shows like that? The type that might have an iota of respect or even experience for local artists and "the scene" for lack of a better term. So, on that note, as much as I was annoyed too, and as much as I would have liked to say things like - you think anyone would know better - she really probably didn't. I got the feeling that she probably didn't know about a lot of things. Anyways, cheers Calvin - it's sad to see the cpm thing coming to a final winddown, but good to know that we can still enjoy him and his music on occasion. Finally, I just have to say this, I do believe that I heard someone drop "bufalay" like it was hott last night - - - a certain someone would be so proud. The movement is spreading.
ps - my pictures sucked - not blog worthy.


back in full effect...

Well the weary traveller has returned, a bit begrudgingly I must say, seeing that I am in love with Seattle. I had an amazing time with the guys. Tim and I made the trek from Seattle to BC to go snowboarding at Whistler on Friday. We stayed in the village at the foot of the mountain, about a minutes walk from the gondola and got to ride Friday and Saturday. There's so much to tell - highlights being the amazing warm weather (nothing like snowboarding in a long sleeved t-shirt), gorgeous landscape, free sake, and trail mix with white chocolate, milk chocolate and peanut butter chips in it. Word to the wise, when the canadian border patrol asks you what the purpose of your trip is, don't say,"it's personal". Tim got some great shots at the mountain(I took all of mine the old timer's way, 35mm)to give you an idea of what we were looking at: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and here are some crappy shots I got from the car of vancouver (1, 2, 3,) and the drive up to the mountain, (1, 2).


I'm in SEA-TAC

(Tim tells me that's what the locals call it). So here I am in beautiful Seattle. I am so in love with this city already. This has got to be the most gorgeous piece of earth I've ever laid my eyes on. I was down in Huntington Beach, CA till yesterday, then hopped up here to spend a couple of days with tim and rob. Last night Tim and I went to this super hipster sea-tac bar/restaurant called bleu. Think a cross between a fort that you would have built as a kid and the biggest fire hazard this city has ever seen. They specialize in their drink department - the menu is like 25 pages long. So I got this drink that looked like a science experiement and tim got something called a black velvet -think guiness better than you could ever imagine having it. (scott you're gonna want this recipe when i get back). Anyway, this place was super cool. Today (which was once again gorgeous) we did the downtown thing, and then jumped on a ferry and went to Brainbridge Island. We found this little pasta place that makes everything from scratch, and had an awesome lunch. We're heading out to BC tomorrow to snowboard for 2 days, then it's back here for a bit more. I can see how easy it would be to come here and never leave - it's pretty much everything i thought it would be and more.


Over the Rhine

I'm not sure that I even know where to start with how fantastic last night's show was. Was is something to do with the fact that they might as well have been in my living room, we were so close? Was it being in an intimate enough setting where karin and linford (or as she pronounced it with her strong midwest accent - "lenfurd") could carry on little conversations with people in the audience. Was it the fact that we were so close that I could hear Linford softly tap his foot on stage to keep time while playing guitar. It was the crowd (better yet, lack thereof), the ambiance of the old 1920's silent movie theatre, the words spoken and lyrics felt in the air, the worn instruments, and oh that voice... They seemed to have such a neat connection on stage, in addition. A mutual admiration and respect for one another's talents. It was so fun to be able to see the little inside smiles and glances they would shoot each other during and in between songs. And wow, who would have thought that her voice was even more moving and beautiful live. It blew me away with the first note. That hole experience was just surreal. Thanks for going with me guys - definitely not an experience that I will forget anytime soon!


This is the bestest....

How much better does it get when you've got the Shins covering the Postal Serivce? about this good.

OH Boy!!

T-minus 5 hrs. and 8 min. till I leave for the Over The Rhine concert!! Blogging bliss to come...


Happy gradumutation!

This past weekend I hopped up to Orlando to go to Kristen's - who is my closest friend from high school -graduation from UCF. She's gone through alot in the past 2 years, and I felt like it was important to be there to cheer her on. Anyway, the funny part about hanging with the Volman family, is that the shortest person (including girls) in the family is 5'10", so I've always felt like a midget when I'm around them. Take a look at the pic, and you'll know what I mean. Anyway, congrats Kristen, you deserve it!

flippin' flutag

Not this past weekend, but the one before we loaded up the car and headed down to mia to go to the Redbull flutag. The basic concept is that teams try to create homemade flying machines which are then launched off of a 30ft. high platform over the water. The one that flies/glides/flips/falls, what have you, the farthest, wins. I was under the impression that people really tried to create machines that would fly, but it seemed like there were more theme machines (Homer Simpson operated by life-sized Duff beer cans for instance) than acutal aerospace science projects out there. It was pretty amusing at first - watching dolphins try to fly, a derby hat, Homer and more, but quickly the excitement ran thin. The weather was hot and beautiful though, and I think we had a good time sweating together. Anyway, I only took a few pix - here and here. Goodtimes.



TJ took these pix (this one and this one), and I thought they were super cool.