The other side of life.

So yesterday I made the trek accross the state to slow as molasses Naples to visit a buddy of mine who's just gotten a job as a crew member on a 75 ft. Sunseeker yacht. So I got to waltz up on this beast of a freaking boat and luxury isn't the word. From the 40" flat screen plasma 360 degree swivelling tv to the plush soft leather couches, this thing was bling-blinging. After lusting after the boat for awhile, we took a drive past the owner's huge house right on the gulf. This neighborhood looked like it was something out of Beverly Hills. I had no idea there were homes like that in Naples. It's all about keeping up with the Jones's though. One neighbor trying to outdo the other.

We cruised over to the beach afterward, where I ended up playing 4 solid hours of 2 on 2 beach volleyball. What a freaking blast. I came with my A game on, and my partner and I won every match we played but one. We had a full-on audience - people were hanging on their balconies (in the hotel next to the court) watching and cheering us on. All of these overweight super white midwest tourists were congratulating us and asking us ridiculous questions. I haven't played like that in years. Day of my year right there (at least until I go snowboarding in BC) Way too much fun. Got to watch the sun sink over the water and headed back home late that night, only to wake up to some wicked sore muscles. Well well worth it!


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