My poor little neglected blog. I kind of feel the same way though. Like I look in the mirror in the morning ,after I slump out of bed, and something deep inside that head I see in the reflection says - poor little neglected girl - I wish she would take care of herself. I've been running myself a little ragged - thanks to my "new found sense of responsibility and spunk". I am now taking on the world - and the world is fighting back - at least my checking acct. is. The sleep deficit doesn't help either. It really doesn't help my mood - or the way I interpret and react to things.
I'm dying for something - just don't know what it is. Vacation? Change of pace - new faces - hair cut - glass of wine - one really good kiss that just sweeps you into another world (guess that's called unrealistic). I don't know - take your pick.
I'm trying though. Bought some new clothes, going out with new people, trying to get that hair cut, got tickets to see DMB, taking off for Seattle, gonna have that glass of wine in a minute... Something's got to give me a break sometime soon......


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