The other side of life.

So yesterday I made the trek accross the state to slow as molasses Naples to visit a buddy of mine who's just gotten a job as a crew member on a 75 ft. Sunseeker yacht. So I got to waltz up on this beast of a freaking boat and luxury isn't the word. From the 40" flat screen plasma 360 degree swivelling tv to the plush soft leather couches, this thing was bling-blinging. After lusting after the boat for awhile, we took a drive past the owner's huge house right on the gulf. This neighborhood looked like it was something out of Beverly Hills. I had no idea there were homes like that in Naples. It's all about keeping up with the Jones's though. One neighbor trying to outdo the other.

We cruised over to the beach afterward, where I ended up playing 4 solid hours of 2 on 2 beach volleyball. What a freaking blast. I came with my A game on, and my partner and I won every match we played but one. We had a full-on audience - people were hanging on their balconies (in the hotel next to the court) watching and cheering us on. All of these overweight super white midwest tourists were congratulating us and asking us ridiculous questions. I haven't played like that in years. Day of my year right there (at least until I go snowboarding in BC) Way too much fun. Got to watch the sun sink over the water and headed back home late that night, only to wake up to some wicked sore muscles. Well well worth it!

Being the bearer of bad news is neither somehting I cherish or something I ask for. My heart aches for the one who's heart I know will soon be aching. My stomach twists in knots and churns putting myself in the receiver's shoes. My mind races with different scenarios and possibilities, as I know I will soon be asked for advice and answers.
But that's what love is, right? Felling deeply for those around you - carrying their burden along with them regardless of mistakes made and consequences rendered. This here is enough to scare me to death about having children and parenting. How do you allow your kids to fall and suffer? The live and learn concept is an integral part of the growing and maturing process, but who knew it was so painful on this end? My respect for good parents grows everyday.


Cananananada here I come, eh!

So I'm heading to the West Coast in just 2 weeks, and after I do the sales meeting thing in CA, I'm heading up to Seattle to see good buddy Tim. That in itself should be a blast - I've never been there and am expecting nothing less than amazing. But, to make the deal even sweeter, Tim and I are heading north to Oh Canada - destination Whistler/Blackcomb mountain, BC. How incredibly stoked am I!!!! I'll be able to get in a few days of late season riding, which I didn't think was gonna happen at all this year. So excited - especially after last year's riding was cut a bit short with the achilles thing. Pretty gosh darn cool, eh? I'll be posting pics out the woo woo when I get home, and that's really something to look forward to!

Blowing up their spot

I'm loving this band Pinback right now. Very relaxed, melodic, intriguing lyrics - such shannon music. Check them out....
(this may take a min. or two to load - big file - but well worth it in my opion.) : )


Go Team O!

So last night was VZ bowling. What a freaking blast! All I have to say is 'what up team odonnell' - on fire - at least until the second round. Scott and TJ have nothing on us! Serious fun, really. Here are some pics of me and the ladies:
here, here, here, here, here, and here


Double stoked

I was all ready to lone dog it to the show, but Simone decided to go with and she got the seat directly next to mine! Ben, the head's up was beautiful, thanks!


I just got FRONT ROW tickets for Over the Rhine for a mere 22 bucks! Beats the 50 something I paid for DMB lawn tix. So stoked!


My poor little neglected blog. I kind of feel the same way though. Like I look in the mirror in the morning ,after I slump out of bed, and something deep inside that head I see in the reflection says - poor little neglected girl - I wish she would take care of herself. I've been running myself a little ragged - thanks to my "new found sense of responsibility and spunk". I am now taking on the world - and the world is fighting back - at least my checking acct. is. The sleep deficit doesn't help either. It really doesn't help my mood - or the way I interpret and react to things.
I'm dying for something - just don't know what it is. Vacation? Change of pace - new faces - hair cut - glass of wine - one really good kiss that just sweeps you into another world (guess that's called unrealistic). I don't know - take your pick.
I'm trying though. Bought some new clothes, going out with new people, trying to get that hair cut, got tickets to see DMB, taking off for Seattle, gonna have that glass of wine in a minute... Something's got to give me a break sometime soon......