New Perspective

So I'm lame and borrowed (that word's nicer than stole) this clip from a friend's site. But he was right, and it was moving.
I love the beach for its gray/blue sky right before the sun comes up, then as the first rays jet out over the calm water, they change the color of the sand from brown to gold.
I love the beach with a crystal clear aqua blue sky, bouncing off of the blues and greens in the water - making it so alive and inviting. The water moves in slow motion for me those days, allowing me to drink in each passing minute to the fullest - eager for the next, thankful for the last, happy to be alive and part of it. The sun sorching the sand, turning it to white.
I love the beach with the dark rumble of an approaching storm - the sky wild and purple, just churning and clashing together - like thick charcoal steam from a freight train rolling over the horizon. The waves angrily dancing below. The battered sand a deep cold univiting gray.
I love the beach at sunset - the sky a watercolor fingerpainting of hot pink, peach, coral, yellows - blues and purples. The reflection making the water look like spilled oil with its swirling rainbows within. The sand looking pink - the beach is alive at sunset.
I love the beach at night with the black sky and twinkling stars stretched out above. The moon with it's silky silver train leaking down and accross the lapping waves. The cool silver sand covering my toes. A hot cup of coffee to warm my hands, and hopefully good company to warm my heart.

I think I see everything - in fact I strive to. To make mental pictures in my mind, so that at a moments notice, I can go back to that place -to that feeling-to that observation, and continue reliving and enjoying it over and over. Maybe I do physically see everything, but after listening to this, I realized that I've missed so much. The man that gave this interview is blind, and his experience of this place that I'm so familiar with is decisively different, but so beautiful. I still have so much to see.


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