I've got a few things milling around in there...

Ok, first off, did anyone see Larry King last night. Probably not - he wasn't interviewing anyone really exciting - the American Idol judge panel and a panel discussion on the Kobe Byrant case. The real excitement came in the fashion form. Did anyone see that man sporting a black shirt with hot pink suspenders?! What a little plate he is these days! When Larry King is wearing it - you know the punk / coolness factor is just way out the door.

Secondly, I was really intrigued by this article that tj and I ran accross last night. I think it's so wonderfully convenient how the separation of church and state is just utilized to benefit politicians in anyway they see fit. No, no, you can't bring religious ideas into the school system - it vioates the separation of church and state becuase we are a state runned insititution - even though there might be people of those religious faiths in the institution. But then, yes, of course we can make mandates on your privately run, religious based, organization and it doesn't violate the separation of church and state becuase there are people that don't share those religious views employed there. Well, my god, if a Catholic hospital (for example) were to only hire Catholics, you know it would only be a brief matter of time until they were sued for discrimination. What a freakin' load. I love it. What it comes down to, is that as long as an organization is privately owned and run - as long as it's not violating federal laws - they should have the right to run their business how they see fit. Yes, they are still open to civil suits from employees, but that set up is what is supposed to protect private and not-for-profit organizations from lawsuits. Unbelievable. These type of issues is what really makes me struggle to have faith in our system and country sometimes.

Thirdly, I saw the Jesus movie Sun. night. I don't like calling it the passion movie, because I feel like it sounds cheesy, and there was absolutely nothing cheesy about this movie whatsoever. I've had a few thoughts sprout since seeing the film. One - I fist felt that I had to see the film, even if I really didn't want to, knowing the gruesomeness of the content. I had some weird feeling that that was the least I could do - to face what happened. I mean, I went to the Holocaust museum - both of them (DC and Israel) - even though it made me uncomfortable and even nauseous at times. I've gone to the Vietnam memorial even though physically seeing all of the names has brought tears. Getting face to face with the pain and suffering of others seems like the best way to honor them in some circumstances. Acknowledging what they went through, rather than brushing it under the rug to make us more comfortable. So, with that in mind, I felt that I had an obligation for the purpose of honoring to see the movie. Two - After seeing the movie, I felt like I had a ton of information and content to chew on and digest. Like I would be processing it for weeks and slowly letting it impact and motivate me (to what I'm not sure). And the first day or so, this was true. But, it's absolutely amazing how easy it is to let go and forget so quickly. It's like, see it once - shock value, then you don't have to look at it or see it or think about it anymore. See it everyday and you just become numb to it. This concept was partially responsible for my getting the cross portion of my tattoo year's ago. I wanted a physical reminder daily that I couldn't get away from of what my beliefs are rooted in. Regardless of how I or my philosophies change, I will never be able to deny that I have roots that start there. Anyways, it's kind of sad that I had to tattoo something on myself to make myself think about it. It's kind of like, what exactly does god have to do to get my attention? Third - I've really been wondering what impact seeing that movie has on people have not had the same religious upbringing that I have. I mean, I knew every scene before it happened - I've been to those places physically and know all of the stories and theories. I have thought it over and over again, and really can't even fathom what impact this would have on others at all. I'd love to do personal interviews with a handful of people just to see what they have to say - good, bad, intrigued or indifferent - whatever. I guess because being comfy cozy with religious themes is so normal and not having any background with that is so foreign to me - how the whole god concept effects other people outside of religious upbringings psychologically is just facinating to me.

Anyways, that's about it for now. Enough procrastinating and off to work...


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