I'm wondering if it's possible to gain 15 lbs. in a week - because, I swear I've eaten at least 15 lbs. of chocolate since Valentine's Day. And it was the goods too. Not the crappy assortment of flavors that no one that likes chocolate acutally likes in the cheesy heart - we're talking york peppermint patties, hershey's kisses and godiva truffles. The goods.

So, I just returned from 2 days of working in Cocoa Beach - and before you poor baby me, it was all work and no play. Yes, I successfully managed to dodge fun waves once more. It was 36 degrees the night I got there, and not significantly warmer the next day. My measely spring suit and I decided that I'm not that much of a hardcore surfer.

"Marty-gras" tomorrow night a la pub! See you guys there!


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