-Ode to the Church-

What does God think of a person like me?
- A wind-up toy of this world,
My feeble mind, my sad heart, my poor decisions.
Are we like silent movies?
Are some of us black and white, and some of us in color?

They tell me I make Him cry - that I slap His face
That I'll never be an angel
That I'll never please - anyone.
Is apathy worse than conscious attack?
Does He laugh at my weak attempts at reason, at feeling, at the meaning of it all
Do the angels have to wipe His eyes?
If I could cross the divide - - If I could know what to do...
I could live the right way - love the right way
And I'd still come up short they say
They've done it -they've found the way,
And I'm not invited.


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