I am a woman with teenage angst in a girl's body
I have hazel eyes, not brown
I have a store-bought smile
I have stick-straight hair
I don't like the way my lips look when they're red
I like bright colors
I look best in black
I don't like church
I love god
I like to smile
I love sad music
I'm afraid of a lot of things
I have weak fingernails
I have strong bones
I'm clumsy
I have my mother's eyes
I have my father's face
I have a good heart
I don't like my last name
I don't like the way I look in tight clothes
I like the way I look in candlelight
I can't sing
I know every word to all of the songs I like
I like to write
I like to draw
I like to take pictures
I like to play sports
I don't like for people to read them, look at them or watch me
I don’t like to be disappointed
I love my friends
I don’t like crowds of people
I’m lonely a lot
I like to be alone
I have big dreams
I have past accomplishments
I’ve made big mistakes
I like to travel
I like to read
I don’t like what I see in the mirror
I like to look in mirrors


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