this is too ridiculous for words.

I can't figure out how to put this link directly on my page, but it's worth looking at - at least once.


use your hip flexors

This is awesome. This makes me giggle also.

this one goes to market....

So, what's new on the homefront? . . .

trying to watch the calorie count
trying to get up and out to work in a "timely fashion"
trying to drink less and read more
trying to not like soaps as much as i really do
trying to break the current myspace obsession
trying to find more excuses to not clean my house

you know, average day.

The Last Romantic

So, through the almighty power of myspace, I reconnected with several old friends from highschool and college. One of these was one of the coolest people I met in highschool, annmarie.

She's now married with a 2 1/2 yr. old gorgeous boy and another on the way. She and her husband, Aaron Nee, now own a production company (the Brothers Nee) and their first major production is "The Last Romantic", which was premiered at SXSW and will show at the Boston Independant Film Festival as well.

There's no way, as of now to view the entire film on the web, but I encourage you all to go to the site and watch the trailer. If you're a myspacer, you can check them out at

I love supporting talented, creative people our age doing what means the most to them. Check it out.


Your mom goes to prom!

I played psuedo-mommy and followed my hottie little sister around as she got ready for her Sr Prom. I thought I got some cool pix. . .


breakdancing fingers

You think it's easy till you try it yourself . . .


Did I mention that my beautiful, wonderful, fabulous friend Laura is coming in town TODAY to visit for the weekend!

SO freaking excited!!!!


In case everyone forgot I'd like to reinterate that I'm getting married and how WEIRD that is. weird. weird. weird.

don't worry. this blog will NOT turn into a "wedding" blog, but I bet you all are just dying to know what I'm thinking about and what I'm planning - what centerpieces we've decided on and what dresses I'm looking at. OOOOOoooooo - oh so exciting to all of you I know! So, it's going to be hard for me not to talk about the, um, upcoming event of the next FREAKING YEAR, because it is kind of a major happening in my world and the surrounding universe. Although, I'm very sensitive to being one of those "I can't speak two words w/o mentioning it "people. I'm very committed to that not happening - at least here, in this space. I can't really control what actually comes out of my mouth.
Anyways, I need to leave to go to Simone's for Amazing Race. It's our Tuesday date night. Just know that I'm committed to not creating a masthead that has like doves and bells and crap on it any time soon.


walking in a winter wonderland...

so I freaking love the olympics - especially the winter games - which might come as a suprise, seeing that I'm a FL resident. I don't know why, exactly. It's (the olympics) just so stoic and classy and everything that the world should be. And, I think I love the theme music. I'm watching the closing ceremonies right now and I find it funny that the "brides" (representing hope) are all carrying calla lillies, which I'm palnning to carry next year. this, of course, has nothing to do with the olympics. I'm more or less writing notes as I watch the ceremony. the next olympics will be in vancouver, bc and I'm dying to go. (ps. I rode down the future women's super G when I was visiting with Tim a year ago - I think I won the gold. Just call me an olympian, you know, cause I practically was). Just to be around the atomosphere.

Ok, the commerical break is over and ricky martin is performing a song that came out maybe 3 years ago -but he does have dancers in underwear. Oh now he's doing one of his new songs - what is this, the superbowl??? Excuse me for a break where I take another sip of my Newcastle.

I'm back and Ricky, god bless his save the children heart, is still a flaming moron. Does anyone else notice that his guitar player is trying to be Lenny Kravitz?

the commercial break is over and the brides are still dancing, some people have rudolph noses on (????)

Ok, and with that, the winter olympics '06 are more or less over. I will finish my beer, play a game of snood and go to bed. Good night.



so, a year from today, I will be shannon poole.